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Nick [28/03/2014]
Great Customer Service , will buy from again. Thanks!
Alex [19/03/2014]
Im a regular customer, good price for the product. Thanks!
key [17/01/2014]
i recommend this site to anyone who want to buy and is looking for fast delivery... cheap prices... trusted.. would definetly come back for more when im in need...
Kyle [14/01/2014]
I recommend this site. Cheap price. Fast checkout. Fast delivery. Trusted. Not much else needs to be said.
cucu [11/01/2014]
Very great service :) bought many times from here already :D never let me down.
shawn [09/01/2014]
How incredible, cindy is best, thansk for your help, and thanks for your time with me on league of legends, you are best Mid in my heart. your ZED is awesome, just like FAKER. omfg.
Norman [09/01/2014]
verry fast got gold within minutes! will use again thanks guys!
Robert [09/01/2014]
Excellent website, received my gold in less than 5 minutes! That\'s not even mentioning the customer service!! She was extremely helpful, kept it short, simple and to the point!
OP [09/01/2014]
Thanks for reminding before the gold trade, I would get scammed without your tips, thanks again, you guys best. And i hope you guys turn private chat off to trade gold, its safe.
zane [09/01/2014]
Got my gold immediatly after I purchased. Very good support

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