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Sean [02/07/2014]
Great.Quick.TothePoint.CheapestPrices! go with these guys
Ahmed [29/05/2014]
Awesome And 100% Legit.. very good delivery time.. prices are decent.. Could be better :P hehe.. but still no scam .. no rip off.. and definitely 100% costumer satisfaction.. great job.. thanks
aaron [26/05/2014]
great service!
mvdw [01/05/2014]
very fast delivery, thank you very much. bought multiple times on this site 100% legit!
Nick [28/03/2014]
Great Customer Service , will buy from again. Thanks!
makevil [27/03/2014]
as a player of runescape since 2004 this has to be the most legit site. fast realiable and easy. i highly recommend people to get from this site. take it from a guy whos bought atleast 500m+ on this game. you wana be rich and quick? this is the site for it.
Alex [19/03/2014]
Im a regular customer, good price for the product. Thanks!
key [17/01/2014]
i recommend this site to anyone who want to buy and is looking for fast delivery... cheap prices... trusted.. would definetly come back for more when im in need...
Kyle [14/01/2014]
I recommend this site. Cheap price. Fast checkout. Fast delivery. Trusted. Not much else needs to be said.
Zack [12/01/2014]
I recommend this site for everything runescape. Cindy was amazing helping me get my stuff and items. Friendly chat making sure I got exactly what I paid for. Respond on time no long wait for a reply and sitting down with you making sure you get your items with you on chat every step of the way 5 out of 5 stars for Cindy's help thanks so much. Zack

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