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cucu [11/01/2014]
Very great service :) bought many times from here already :D never let me down.
shawn [09/01/2014]
How incredible, cindy is best, thansk for your help, and thanks for your time with me on league of legends, you are best Mid in my heart. your ZED is awesome, just like FAKER. omfg.
Overall happy [09/01/2014]
I read the testimonies and some reviews but i was still pretty worried especially when i was told they were out of stock but with some patience and help from Cindy, i got my gold and you know what im happy thank you :]
Norman [09/01/2014]
verry fast got gold within minutes! will use again thanks guys!
Chris S. [08/03/2017]
I\'ve had many questions about the site and the Livechat was extremely helpful. Especially Cindy and Lydia, they were nice, very helpful and could understand the problems well. I did think that the operators in Livechat could have some basic grammar tips and some more knowledge about the site would help. Most talk with no capitals at the start of sentences and without full stops - basic grammar. Also I asked a member of staff what the email is to contact for selling gold to and they didn't know. Some people complain that the service is bad, but they mention how they were paid extra, amounts which I think are more than enough to make up for it. Its great service and if its not satisfactory they make it up to you. Overall, great site. With some more basic training to new staff members in Livechat, it will be perfect. Its a very reliable service and the gold is very cheap.
Robert [09/01/2014]
Excellent website, received my gold in less than 5 minutes! That\'s not even mentioning the customer service!! She was extremely helpful, kept it short, simple and to the point!
Jacob [09/01/2014]
To be honest I was a little hesitant at first to order from here due to their cheap prices. It is 100% safe and pretty quick. It only took about 10-15 minutes for me to receive my order. The customer service was great as well. Very nice website.
OP [09/01/2014]
Thanks for reminding before the gold trade, I would get scammed without your tips, thanks again, you guys best. And i hope you guys turn private chat off to trade gold, its safe.
zane [09/01/2014]
Got my gold immediatly after I purchased. Very good support
BK [02/03/2017]
Fast and reliable! Will definitely order from them in the future

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