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1, Please do not log on account without notifying us during the power leveling progress, that may cause delay of progress, so please wait till we finish the training.

2, We promise 100% manual hand training for every power leveling order, no bot used, and we guarantee 100% no ban on power leveling.

3, You must change your account password after every power leveling order is finished, otherwise, we won't bear the lose of items or gold missing after the training done. we don't want to get trouble.

4, for some special account, we cant make. such as defense pure account, attack pure account. this kind of accounts so hard to make and take huge time to get. if you really want these kinds of accounts, plz contact live chat for a new price(will higher than the page calculated)


5, we don't offer gold farming service so there will be no gold made on account, you will simply get the stats that you have ordered.


6, for more secure about your account info, from now on, we don't require the customer to fill your login name and password when you make a power leveling on our site, plz send your login name and password after you paid success to thank you so much!

7, The time in the Frame is in-game play time, not the processing time. The power leveling would take longer than the time shows actually. Trainers would play 12 hours a day on game normally. If you mind the time frame, please think carefully before you buy the power leveling.

RS 2007 Powerleveling
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