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We Zarosians do not desire endless runescape war [11/19/2013]

We are clever enough to know how to best play our enemies against each other. Armadyl and Saradomin can easily form a runescape power block if Armadyl survives this event

Changes to runescape coinshare [11/17/2013]

Following on from the success of Bonds we're still doing as much as we can to combat inflation in game and Coinshare is actually a major source of what we call "Runescape Gold injection"

About 2007runescapegold [11/06/2013] is a reliable and professional supplier of RS gold which maintains the lowest price

Poll runescape eoc [10/25/2013]

Almost all mini games have boost fc's now. I used to love doing Barb Assault. Reason why we loved RS back then was because it was chill

Why runescape prestige should have been [10/25/2013]

This would encourage people to actually play again, as well as discourage things like bonds and RWT, because people could actually make Runescape again

Floored by the runescape new tutorial [10/23/2013]

I like to loiter around the newb landing zone (Burthrope/Taverly area) on free Runescape Accounts play once in a while, answer questions and hand out a little starter gear (makes me feel good being in general an unmotivated player)

Faster home runescape teleports [10/21/2013]

However, its a free teleport with a time cost. I think it'll be beneficial to add an option for Runescape Gold players to teleport faster using this system with a higher cost.

Support for runescape bonds [10/18/2013]

Voicing my opinions regarding bonds. This is a bit late, however, I feel it is desperately needed to shed some light on the Runescape Bond dilemma.

Thank you Jagex for introducing a way to obtain membership in-game through gold [10/14/2013]

Thank you Jagex for introducing a way to obtain membership in-game through runescape gold. I currently am not working in real life.

Bonds won't be runescape effective long [10/13/2013]

In the long run, the Bonds won't be effectively compete with the runescape gold farmers. Here is why.

Runescape bonds two weeks in [10/12/2013]

exceeding even our best expectations. Having seen the positive effects bonds have already had in the past two weeks in combatting runescape gold farming

Future of runescape [10/09/2013]

well what can i say jagex, you have gone from a classic, to a disaster (including the bots, which in my opinion you support at 100% since you don't do anything about it) game

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