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Has The Inferno Caused OSRS Prices To Go Crazy? [06/16/2017]

Ok so maybe that is looking a little too deep into it as there are some Old School Runescape players who flat out refuse to even consider that prices on certain things have gone a bit nutty since The Inferno started.

Old School Runescape HD Graphical Client Thoughts [06/15/2017]

there are some in the community who are not happy at all. Some want the option to have improved graphics with some people saying that Jagex should offer both where you can switch between the old style graphics and the new client at will.

The Strongest Monsters In Runescape! [06/14/2017]

We also love writing these fun blogs which can help you waste a little time and also have a little fun as well. Today we are talking about one of the coolest things about Runescape and that is the monsters.

Old School Runescape: The Inferno Challenge! [06/13/2017]

We are a little under two weeks removed from the start of the Inferno which was added to Old School Runescape. Look, we will let you in on a little secret right here.

OSRS The Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl Mini-Quest Guide [06/12/2017]

Hey guys, today we are sharing with you a simple guide on how to get through the Alfred Grimhand Bar Crawl mini quest. Before you start this it is important to note that you will need 268 GP.

Check Out These 7 Sins Of Runescape [06/10/2017]

Do you guys agree that these are The 7 Sins Of Runescape? Or do you feel that there are more annoying things that other players do? As always thanks for reading

Take Advantage Of The Runescape Open Weekend Starts 8th June 2017 [06/09/2017]

Open Weekend Starts 8th June 2017. This is a really cool thing for the folks at Jagex to do. The weekend runs from the 8th to the 12th of June so you can spend a good few days getting to know the game.

Runescape Shifting Tombs Thoughts [06/08/2017]

At around five minutes, Shifting Tombs is the kind of mini game that you will be able to just have a lot of fun with and not take up too much of your time. We think that this is a great way to really kick off the whole Menaphos event

Runescape Devs Talk About If Inferno Is Too Difficult [06/07/2017]

Now, of course, Inferno has only been out a short while so no one has mastered it just yet. But we would assume in the coming weeks and months, gamers will figure out strategies and more efficient ways for getting to the end of it.

The First Person To Conquer Inferno In OSRS! [06/06/2017]

Well, it has happened and actually, as of us writing this blog post, it happened just a few days ago. The person who managed to defeat the Inferno was Old School Runescape player

Some Of The Rarest Titles In Runescape! [06/05/2017]

They have seen some cool items come and go and now just for fun, we are looking at some of the rarest items that are in Runescape!

The Old School Runescape Inferno Offers PvM Action! [06/03/2017]

The idea of Inferno is that it is a PvM (player vs monster mode) where you will need to fight wave after wave of enemies before taking on the final wave and trying to take down the powerful, TzKal-Zuk.

A Fantastic Runecrafting Guide For Levels 1 – 99 [06/02/2017]

That is the case for today as we have found what may be the best Runecrafting guide we have ever seen.

My 5 Favorite Ways To Train Magic In Old School Runescape [06/01/2017]

Magic is one of the most important and versatile skills in Runescape and having high stats in magic can help in pretty much anything. highly recommends that you pursue a higher level in Magic considering that it proves extremely helpful when trying to make Old School Runescape Gold.

Best Skill Cape Perks In Runescape [05/31/2017]

Hey, guys today we are here to have a little fun as we look at some of the best and most useful skill cape perks that are in Runescape. Jagex has done a great job since 2015 in making Skill Capes really matter and making us players actually think about which ones we use.

Fun Facts About The Runescape 2 Beta [05/30/2017]

Can you believe that it was the better part of 15 years go Runescape 2 was released? Well just for fun, we are looking at some of the fun things about the beta for Runescape 2.

Buy Runefest Tickets Early Bird Pricing [05/27/2017]

2017 Runefest will be held in London, England on the dateof 23rd-September. People from all over the world will attend this big event and it does look like it is going to be extra awesome this year.

How to Level Up While Making Money in RuneScape [05/26/2017]

Runescape is a game that requires a lot of attention and focus to progress, especially when you’re starting out. Much like every other RPG game, Making Money & Levelling Up are the most important for a player.

Runescape Patch Notes For 22nd May 2017 [05/25/2017]

we are more than just offering you the best place online to buy rs gold. Well, just the other day, new patch notes were released and we thought we would take a look at a few of the things that caught our eye.

How to Make a Pyrelord Summoning Pouch in RuneScape [05/24/2017]

Anyway, the point of today’s blog post is to share with you the need to know about a Pyrelord Summoning Pouch which is pretty essential for you guys who are all about summoning.

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