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Your best shot for money and progression right now is slayer

The best creatures are Aberrant spectres (60), Spiritual rangers (63), Kurasks (70), Gargoyles (75), Nihils (76), Roarii (81), Abyssal demons (85), Dark beasts (90), Airuts (92), Ice Strykwyrms (93), and Ganodermic creatures (95).

runescape slayer

(Can vary a lot dependent on efficiency, gear, and what tasks you get)

Level : GP/h:

60 : 500k-1m/h

70: 1m-2m/h

80: 1m-3m/h

90: 2m-4m/h

99: 2m-6m/h

Also now that you're a relatively decent level, you're nearing the point where you can begin low level bossing for money as well. Queen Black Dragon is a good start, and can get you a very consistent 5m+ per hour, but I'd recommend you get a few things before you start it.


- Super Anti-fires (Queen Black Dragon uses a lot of fire breath, and a shield swap is not viable)

- Full Armadyl (Good for low level bossing and very good for slayer)

- A Royal Crossbow (Cheap, good damage, but requires 80 range) OR Karil pistol crossbows

- War Tortoise (Carry a load of food for you, longer trips)


- Finish world wakes for Death Swiftness, and Sunshine (Massively increase DPS at slayer and bossing)

- An Asylum Surgeons Ring (Tied for best DPS ring in the game, also 100% free)

- Rigour (Greatly increase DPS, also it will get you closer to Soul-split and Turmoil/Anguish/Torment)

- Shadow Tendrils (Very good threshold ability for DPS)

If you work your way towards the required items, you can easily coast your way through the game to higher level gear, and Plague's End with the money that you get from Queen Black Dragon.

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