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Young game player got killed due to hack runescape account

As tencent news recently reported, in april, 2015, a young man named Josiah Mays from 3320 alder ave    stevens point    WI, USA got killed, as he taking fraud business for selling runescape accounts, the criminal was another young runescape player, the reason caused the affair is about Runescape accounts for sale.

Here are some Questions and answers between the reporter and the killer:

Q: Why you killed the young person?
A: I was mad for what he done.

Q: What he did to get you mad?
A: He sold me runescape account, and then he recovered the account back after i paid him money, i was like terrible pissed off.

Q: So you just killed him?
A: He laughed at me, and saying thanks for free money, that made my fire in heart burn, so i decided to punish him.

Q: Then why you have to kill him?
A: That was an accident, i didn't mean to make him death.

Event Review:

In april, 2015, a young man named Josiah Mays got killed by another young person, they don't know each other in real life, the event started from Josiah Mays who was selling a runescape account and runescape gold in black market, and the killer who was trying to buy the game account, as he thought its pretty a good account, so he paid $250 bucks to buy runescape gold and account, but later in a while, Josiah Mays recovered the account back by claimming account get stolen through Jagex, the buyer got scammed. And the buyer found his address according to paypal billing information. and he tracked him, and killed him.

This case tought us, to be a serious business person can keep you alive.

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