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You loved 07-11 wildy in the game RuneScape?

It was more unfair than it currently is. You only aim to make wildy something it is not without having any knowledge how this works like. Revenants are not strong enough to make wildy any risk of being out there, I gave you a perfect explanation why.

And the risk vs reward doesn't have to mean that 'you must risk 10mil gp to have access to get 20mil gp easily' no. That is not how it ever worked like, in any game. What it means that you have possibility for recourses and quick EXP from a place but it is risky because someone might kill you. And you LOSE the resources or the efficient EXP rate. Lets look at your beloved 07 wildy, back then runite rocks were rarer to get. Some bosses dropped a few and places where it would even be safe to mine are always packed like Hero's Guild. In wildy around level 50 there was runite rocks that weren't packed why? because it was risky. People still did go there, people did kill people mining there. But it wasn't that sorry for an excuse you call risk vs reward. It was the balanced method to keep it in control.

And I never called you a rule breaker, but you do look after your own buttocks just because you hate PvP. Might as well ask Pkers how many ores you need to mine to get optimal level for quests they could use rewards for pking. Lets say 2 ores for that +70 mining and might as well let Pkers decide how long quest is? talk to one NPC and rewards are there. Because they want to get to action asap. See the logic? you as PvP hater shouldn't even think of balance ideas because they are completely biased and will never work. You already suggested diea that Jagex did it failed and promise of money outside of it doesn't stop the abuse if there is no risk at all.

This post was honestly making wilderness a balanced PvP zone for both veterans and newbies. Skillers already has their portion there and didn't even suggest removing skilling auras from you guys.

I again have to note that economy wise having PvP zone where you risk items is a lot more friendly towards it than Pkers also generating new stuff like from reward shops. Bounty Hunter store will kind of introduce it a little but Jagex promised that they will not make it too impacting. And if they were to remove high risk pking they would have to introduce heavily impacting rewards.

And BlackEagle is correct that system that where you can challenge people to fight would combat bots for a bit and yes. AFKers would suffer, which is no shame because ONE DOES NOT AFK IN PVP ZONE. Or if you are this stupid, you might as well die and lose the items you're risking. And it does not prevent a random player at the same combat level to kill this player either.

Not that there needs to be but due to skulling system there still would be protection for afking players. Keeping upto 4 items. Which I am sure you failed to remember.

However, this system also could be used for PvP in 1v1 fairly. You see a player that is bit higher level and you do not have to run deeper wilderness, you can challenge right there.

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