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Wisps Of The Grove Runescape 3 D&D Guide

We are loving the weekly D&D that Runescape has been doing and this week we have a whimsical, Wisps Of The Grove to have some fun with. This is actually very easy to do and today we have a simple guide for you so you can breeze through it.

Wisps Of The Grove Runescape 3 D&D Guide

Step 1: First thing to do is go to the Lost Grove. Open up your map and you will see where Wisps Of The Grove is, go to it.

Step 2: Here you will see a fairy, talk to her and say yes when she asks if you want to do the D&D. She will then give you a jar.

Step 3: Once you are given the jar the three mushrooms that are in your area will change color. So if they are yellow, green and purple those are the colors of the Wisps you need to catch. There are red mushrooms all over, ignore these!

Step 4: Run around the grove and find the Wisps. Get up close to them, right click the jar and then you catch them. Usually, when you find one, the others are close by. They are really bright so they are easy to see.

Step 5: Go back to the fairy once you have all of your Wisps and she will give you a potion.

Step 6: Head to the center of the grove and give the offering of your potion. Once you do this you will get a mini pet, which is a mini Vine Stalker which is really cool. You will pick up some XP for Farming and Hunter, not a lot, but as it only takes a few minutes it is well worth it.

That is all there is to it, well worth doing for the easy XP and the super cute mini Vine Stalker. Thanks for reading and be sure to look at our RS3 Gold special offers. 

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