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Will Runescape Mobile Have A Large Drop Off Rate?

As the best place online to buy Old School Runescape Gold and as huge fans of the game ourselves, we are very excited for Old School Runescape Mobile to drop this winter. We would love for the folks at Jagex to give us a date on when we can expect this. But until then we will just look forward to it. We feel that OSRS Mobile is going to be a huge, huge hit and we know some people who have not played Runescape in years that have said they are going to jump back into it. But will Old School Runescape Mobile share the same fate that other mobile games have fallen victim to?

By this, we mean the drop off rate. Where a mobile game is the greatest thing ever, it has thousands if not millions of players and then out of nowhere it just dies. Some games will not die and instead drop to a more modest level of success where they are able to keep on running. But far more mobile games die than people realize.

Will Runescape Mobile Have A Large Drop Off Rate

We feel that Old School Runescape may be able to avoid this fate. First of all, OSRS already has a huge player base that is going to love being able to play OSRS while they are at work or sitting on the toilet. But we also are sure that many new players are going to get hooked into this world. Not to mention all the people who used to play, but now will come back as they can play it in the palm of their hand.

Old School Runescape Mobile is without a doubt going to be a huge hit and we have a feeling that the first couple of months are going to see huge numbers of new players enter the world of Runescape. 

We would love to know if you guys think Old School Runescape Mobile is going to be a long running success or if you feel it will come and go, like many other mobile games do?

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