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Why runescape prestige should have been

Prestige would have benefited everyone with only a few negative side effects! Here are the reasons it would have been amazing!

1. Firstly, it would have created a more competitive community. This would bring more players onto the servers and back to the game. It would have given those who strive to be on top more of a reason to play. Also, it would have made the high-scores more fair.

2. It would have redistribute wealth and help the economy of Runescape.By forcing high level players to use the lower level materials to get their levels back, low level players would have the opportunity to benefit from their skills. It would make gathering skills more valuable and worth training at any level. It would offer more money through skilling than just pvm again. Also, f2p player would be able to make money again as well. This would encourage people to actually play again, as well as discourage things like bonds and RWT, because people could actually make Runescape Gold again. It would also open up tons more money sinks to get rid of this overly abundant cash.

3. It would allow players a chance to actually use all the new low level content that has come out after they have reached 99. It would create more buzz mini-games or skilling plots designed to give experience for lower levels. In addition things like bonfires and nexus, could be experienced by those who have already had 99. Every update either for low levels or high levels would actually be useful to everyone.

4. They could add a lot more content with this system. THEY COULD INTRODUCE A WHOLE SKILL WORTH OF NEW CONTENT FOR EACH PRESTIGE. Smith dragon at level 1 smithing prestige 1. Of course this would be really weird, but they could just add level 120 to each skill even if they have the prestige system.

5. It would give bored high level people something to do!

The negatives of prestige:

1. The thought of new content not coming out as it would if they increased the level cap to 120.

2. Having to pay to switch back to level 99.

3. Having to re-obtain your skills.

4. Actually having to play the game, not be lazy, and spend time and effort on participating in a game!

Suggestive fixes:

1. See number 4 in the positives.

2. Instead of having to switch, make it so you always have level 99 but you only get experience in prestige mode for skilling with things at your current level or below in prestige. For example, if you are prestige 1 level 10 smithing, you could still make rune items, but receive no experience for it, but you would if you smithed bronze.

Positive notes:
I can only agree with points 2 and 3.

Point 1- It would only be competitive among the richest players. Those multibillionaires with nothing to sink their money on are the only ones that would be capable of prestiging many of the buyable skills multiple times, so they would float right up to the top of the highscores.

Point 4- They wouldn't do it because why should someone with 2 prestige (13+26+39m xp) be able to Runescape Accounts better content than someone with 200m xp but no prestige?

Point 5- Bored high level players are going to get bored after burning 100 million logs.

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