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Why You Need To Check Out The OSRS Deadman Winter Finals This Weekend!

While we have been very busy making sure you guys have a safe place to buy OS Runescape Gold we have also been keeping an eye on many of the streams of people taking part in the Old School Runescape Deadman Winter Event which started on the 4th of December.

We are surprised more people have not been making a big deal of this, to be honest. The prize pool is 20 thousand dollars for the first place, 10 thousand for second and the third and fourth will each get 1 thousand dollars, so there is a nice amount of prize money at stake for the people who come out on top. The finals will be streamed live on the official Runescape Twitch channel so we highly recommend that you check it out as it has been a lot of fun. While the prize pool is great, each player who makes it into the last 12 will get a one year membership which we feel is a nice touch.

Why You Need To Check Out The OSRS Deadman Winter Finals This Weekend

These kind of Old School Runescape events like the Deadman Winter finals are always full of tension as one mistake can result in your death and then BAM, you are out of the game. This is structured like a tournament which started with 128 players across 8 arenas and will end with just two in the grand finale. The stress for those two players in the final will be unreal and we would bet that the guy who wins will be the one who can quickly capitalize on a mistake!

We would love to know what you guys think of the OSRS Deadman Winter Finals and if you will be checking out the final on Twitch on the 9th. Thanks for reading and be sure to ask any questions you want if you have come to here buy osrs 07 gold.

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