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Why We Think Runescape Gambling Bots Are A Bad Idea!

Look we know that we are all different and we like to do different things in our games and that is cool. But here at, we have noticed an increase in the amount of Runescape players that are buying into these gambling bots and then not actually making any money off them!

We make sure to offer you Old School Runescape Gold and items at the fairest price possible. But some folks still love the sound and promises many of these gambling bots make. But there are countless videos on YouTube where players show you that you never win! Ok so sometimes, a player might actually win and that is great, but for the most part, you will not win the huge sums that many of these gambling bot programs claim you will.

Why We Think Runescape Gambling Bots Are A Bad Idea!

When you break down the math or actually watch a video where some guy who is smart breaks down the math. You start to see that the chances of you winning are next to none and many players will say that they win their first small bets, but once they start betting 50 k or more, they never, ever win. Some players have even gone as far to say that many of these gambling bots are nothing more than a scam and in many cases, we would have to agree. You will never make the big money by using these gambling bots, as they say in Vegas, the house always wins!

We know that the idea of gambling bots sounds awesome, almost too good to be true and that is because it is! The amount of time you spend with these is just not worth it and in the end, you will lose! So please do not buy into the hype or the flashy sales pitch that these gambling bots use.

Here at, we really do not like gambling bots, but we would love to hear your guys opinions on them.

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