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Why We Need Another Slayer Winter Weekend Bonus XP Weekend?

One of the best things that has taken place over the last few weeks in the world of Runescape was the Slayer Winter Weekend Bonus XP Weekend. It was something that many of the people who came here to buy rs gold got super into and so did us here in the office and we wanted to talk a little bit about it and why we hope it comes back soon.

You gained 50 percent more Slayer XP during this weekend and we had one guy in the office get as much as 12 million XP during the whole weekend! It is pretty amazing to be able to get this kind of XP during a weekend, but that is what this special weekend was all about.

Why did Jagex do this and why was the bonus so high? That is something that many of us have discussed, but we feel that it was a very smart idea as there are some players who shy away from Slayer. But with such a huge XP boost, it was a way to give those players who were kind of low level when it came to Slayer, get a really good boost and give them more of a chance in doing the Slayer tasks.

Which got us thinking, was this huge Slayer XP boos because Jagex has some pretty awesome Slayer quests for us planned? Of course, this is a big conclusion to jump to, but there has to be some reason for such a huge Slayer XP boost.

Did any of your guys manage to get more than 12 million Slayer XP during this weekend? Let us know in the comments below and if you need some of that awesome Runescape Gold, thanks to our holiday deals, you can buy Runescape Gold for cheap right here!

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