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Why I Love Runescape: The Funny Side Of The OSRS Community

I have been a Runescape player for quite a while now and while I am guilty of using my hard earned money to buy RS gold (more than my other half would like) and I have spent an age looking for ways to get fast OSRS gold. I must admit that it is the community that really makes this game. Many people get hung up and say the game is boring or that they just come across loads of jerks…. This has happened to me, but today I want to celebrate the fun side of the OSRS community.

OSRS Community

Raising Pets

I will be honest pets are really not something that I have gotten into in the years I have played Runescape…. I find the whole thing kind of annoying, but I always get a bit of a chuckle from the players who have a virtual pet in Runescape and act like the thing is freaking real!

Taking On All Comers

Ok so this is only something I have seen on YouTube and some may say it is just trolling, but I always get a laugh from some of these videos where players will just do the most ridiculous things. Taking on a large amount of other people, taking on a powerful boss on their own or just something else that is crazy. The best part is when they actually pull it off and do not die!

The Forums Can Be A Lot Of Fun

The Runescape forums get a bad rap. It is not just full of people looking for ways to get fast OSRS gold. I have made some good friends on the Runescape forums. I started out looking to buy RS Gold. But I ended up having a lot of fun with some great members on there. If you are new to the game I cannot recommend the official Runescape forums highly enough.

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