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Why Do We Love Runescape Rage Quit Videos?

Here at, Runescape or Old School Runescape is a game that everyone in the office is into. It is one of those MMORPG's that truly does have a mass appeal. We love to play the game, read tips and share them about the game and of course, we love talking to you fine folks who come here to buy Runescape Gold.

One thing though that we and many other Runescape fans get a real kick out of is watching Runescape rage quit videos. The whole rage quite thing has been done to death and some of them are clearly staged. But the ones where some guy or gal is playing a game of Runescape and gets screwed over makes a mistake or has the game crash on them and then they flip out is always funny. Well funny in a kind of messed up way, most of us are not actually laughing at the persons misfortune, but 99/100 the situation that causes a person to slam down the power button, flip their keyboard or start cursing more than a sailor is something that we can all relate to!

Why Do We Love Runescape Rage Quit Videos

What made us think about Runescape rage quit videos today is that as it is coming close to the end of 2017, we know that in the next couple of weeks some very clever Runescape fans will be uploading the best Runescape rage quite clips that have happened this year.

So while it may seem a little "sick" to be laughing at these people, just remember most of us have had these game rage feelings, it is just we do not all have a camera on us when it happens.

Do you guys enjoy watching Runescape rage quit videos? Let us know what some of the funniest ones you have seen this year are so we can check them out. Thanks for reading and no matter if you are looking for RS Gold or OSRS Gold, we can hook you up at a great place.

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