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Why Curved And Long Bones Are Great For Construction XP?

Hey guys, today we are looking at a pretty easy way you can get some major construction XP along with some prayer and even score yourself a little gold in the process! Of course, if you want to buy rs gold then coming here to is always going to save you money and get you the best deals!

Why Curved And Long Bones Are Great For Construction XP

What Do The Bones Give You?

The bones are actually very good when it comes to construction experience. Long bones will give you 1500 construction XP and curved bones will give you 2250 construction XP. As well as this, you also get a little bit of gold as well as some prayer XP as well. The gold is not much, but every little bit helps.

Who Do You Give The Bones To?

The NPC that you will be giving the curved and long bones to is Barlak the cave goblin who can be found in Dorgesh-Kaan. He has his own little room on the bottom floor.

Where Can You Get The Bones?

Any monster that drops larger sized bones will give you these kinds of bones and if you have done Slayer, you will have probably already found that you have a pretty big stack of them. If not just go around, killing the larger monsters and you will have a fat stack of bones in no time at all.

We know that this is not the most obvious way to score a lot of construction XP, but you can do it pretty quickly and easily so it is worth doing if you are looking to give your construction XP a boost.

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