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Who Were The Best Runescape Hackers

Ok first of all the disclaimer! We in no way condone the things that hackers do or want to do. But at the same time we find it very interesting the way certain people are able to exploit the game and that is why we are looking at some of the best Runescape hackers. We are in no way advising you to try the things they do, we just thought it would be neat to take a closer look at them.

Runescape 2017 Slayer Task


This is a hacker who was a pro at password cracking, so good that it is estimated he cracked over 50 thousand accounts! He stole a ton of stuff that is estimated to be worth well over 20 grand!

Xar aka CSI/Rex

Here we have a guy who actually writes password crackers!  He was pretty well known for database hacks and he has actually leaked personal information from people, hacked a ton of stuff and he actually was arrested for cybercrimes!

Sly & Reverb

This was actually a duo or a team if you prefer. They managed to hack into famous Runescape player/Youtuber Chessy018 and basically cleared out her account. This was something that did not go over to well with fellow Runescape players.

Barrage Tax

He is known for buying a banned Runescape classic accounts list that he then used to gain access to some accounts through “last chance appeal” where he un-banned the account and then just raided their banks!


Ghost somehow managed to hack RSBot which as you know was at one time one of the most popular botting clients. Through this he managed to steal passwords, bank information and other details as well. He managed to get access to over 65 thousand accounts which apparently netted him over a million dollars of real money!

Again we in no way condone what these players have done, but it is pretty interesting to see the levels that some people will go to in order to hack Runescape.

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