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Who Do You Think Is The Most Famous Merchant In OSRS?

We are having a bit of fun today as we take a look at who we think is the most famous merchant in the world of Old School Runescape. We actually got this idea from a video on YouTube and it made us say "oh yeah, we remember him" and it got us thinking about just how much influence this person had in the world of Old School Runescape.

The merchant we are talking about is an OSRS player called Wilson who managed to merge some of the more expensive items in the game, items that did not require a whole lot of attention and items that he can flip for as much as 100 million on the Grand Exchange. Of course, these days a player would struggle to make flips like this. One item that he was famous for was 3rd Age Long Swords where for a while it was like he was the only guy who was actually selling them and people were paying insane amounts of money to get one.

So how was Wilson able to do this? Did he just buy old school rs gold and flip items with that? No, actually he was pretty smart. He managed to dominate a large area of the OSRS market and he realized what was going on. He showed people not just how to flip, but how to make insane amounts of money.

Wilson did eventually get his account banned and he had built up a huge fortune in the game. We would love to know what other OSRS merchants you know of who have made a ton of money by flipping items in the comments below and as it is the holiday season, get yourself a Christmas bargain, by looking at our OSRS section where you can buy osrs gold very cheaply.

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