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Which gives best XP? Bludgeon or Bandos in Oldschool Runescape?

Which item to buy first by efficiency the only thing you are not sure about is the bludgeon>Bandos? Is the bludgeon 100% worth it before getting bandos chestplate? wouldn't full bandos and a whip/ddef be better than tassies/bludgeon? You need opinions on this before purchase!

Normally, bandos chestplate only gives like 1 str bonus over torso and usually you don't even get max hit out of it. And it's always best to train strength to 99 first,  then attack 99, and finally defence. Tips: It's worth getting 75 Defence when your like flat 80s for max strength bouns gear but after that don't touch it.

Recommeded Armor & Weapons: full bandos, bring i, nezzy helm, prims, torture, bludgeon!

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