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Where is the future of Runescape and runescape gold

First of all, we all need to admit a truth, Runescape is shrinking, and 2007 runescape gold sale growing.

Now, that can't be anything new. Jagex probably knows that, and that's why they're promoting SGS so much. But the thing is, Runescape doesn't have to shrink. I have faith that Runescape can flourish again. It's by no means a lost cause, but you have to admit it's in a rough patch.

Using an online utility, I found that the Runescape population across both RS3 and OSRS might peak under 90,000 players. Now, any searching will tell you that back in '07, Runescape population EASILY rose to over 160,000. I realize that a lot of these players were bots, but HALF of the people playing at any given time?

I don't know about you, but from 2007 runescape gold, when I started, to maybe 2011 I never noticed over HALF of the people I met being bots. Usually you can tell, in some capacity. But if you take a gander at the minigames, they're really suffering. And why is that? Because not as many people really play for fun anymore.

Has anyone else noticed very few lower leveled players in RS3? The reason for that is that most people actively playing the game are veterans. Like it or not, low-leveled players are a sign of a healthy community. You want new people in the game. It's how the game grows and flourishes.

So why does Runescape have so few new players? I'm not sure. I don't blame other games, personally. I think it has something to do with how little advertising is dedicated to the game, and how little treatment early-mid game is given nowadays. Everything is late game. We get bigger and better bosses.

What we need is a healthier community of low-leveled players and content for those low-leveled players to explore. It would be a start at the very least.

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