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What's your option on choosing Runescape 3 Eoc or Oldschool Runescape? Let's figure out all the difference.

Both of two versions runescape have Grand Exchanges now and both of these games have the old combat system also known as legacy mode in RS3. OSRS is slightly more nostalgic because of the old graphics and quests but in all honestly they are more similar than ever now minus RS3's more aggressive form of microtransactions if that sort of thing bothers you. These games would have been more enjoyable to debate when they were more different from each other like in 2013-2015 before the GE came to OSRS. Now it is more like comparing Coke to Pepsi.

Runescape 3 Eoc:

*better graphics
*more profits via microtransactions that make OSRS possible
*more content
*cool outfit customisations
*3 different combat modes
*customizable interfaces
*cool cutscenes
*well thought out boss fights

OSRS- pros

*more streamers attract people to play the game
*Some cool holiday events
*quests are more well thought-out than rs3 quests of late
*more well thought-out holiday events
*more decisive pvp combat

*more elitist community
*grindy holiday events
*half-ass quests that aren't really challenging
*they could do better with the player and npc models but want to take time updating towns instead of making the core animations of playermodels more realistic (we could have hair that's not stuck to our shoulders and capes that don't cut off our hair)
*too many popups interrupting gameplay
*hatred toward OSRS players as a result of shade being thrown at RS3 players by them

OSRS- cons
*more hateful community
*Real-world buying/selling accounts and gp is more prevalent in this community
*bots are more prevalent in the game period*Hatred toward RS3 players because they believe their game is superior, which in itself is elitist so this is a similar issue with RS3 itself.
*believe for some reason that everyone on RS3 is the only p2w even though they buy rsgp through third-parties frequently
*only one combat mode

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