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What's New Runescape Combat Pets?

If you have looked at our blog before you will know that we love to share with you our cheap rs3 gold. However, while we love a lot of things about Runescape, we love pets and now there are new Combat Pets added to the game which are obtainable in a similar way that the Skilling Pets are. By that we mean, you obtain them by using a particular style of combat, for example using defense a lot will result in getting Wallace.

New Runescape Combat Pets Are Here

Wallace: Wallace is the defense pet and he is a charming little Grenwall who has his own shield and helmet.

Sparky: Sparky is the Ranged pet who is a squirrel with a kind of Robin Hood vibe going on.

Morty: Is the Constitution pet he is a creepy looking Axolotl who has a bit of a see through body which is kind of weird looking!

Ghostly: Ghostly is the Prayer pet and one of our favorites, he looks so cute, but he is one angry and aggressive little ghost!

Sifu: Sifu is the Attack combat pet. He is a Dragon who appears to be wearing a pretty smart looking waste coat, so major respect for his cool style.

Newton: Newton is a newt and he is the Magic pet, to show that he is magical he wears a cute little wizards hat.

Kangali: Kangali is the strength pet and Kangali likes to show that as this is a boxing kangaroo who has boxing gloves which may or may not be loaded with rocks!

Shamini: Shamini is the Summoning pet and we have to be honest and say that we have no clue what the heck Shamini is supposed to be. Our best bet is some kind of weird spirit.

How can you not love these new Combat Pets? One cool thing about this is that some of the designs came from the Runescape community. Let us know what one is your favorite and be sure to hit us up for all the cheap runescape gold you need!

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