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What gear did you use in Araxxor? When using melee?

What gear did you use? When using melee? And how do you tank the melee hits so well? This problem has been plaguing the players.

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Ville Say, "It's been like that for me also. But at 50k hp zerk and use assault before 25k hp. Keep one tile away from Araxxor and ones it attack lands on you switch to another prayer. If i see you get hit with mage switch to range and the opposite."

MetinCrafter say, "I got my first leg piece at 49 Kills. I'm hyped for next ones, but just doing Reaper Araxxi, dont feel like i should trade in my 11m/h at Vindicta for the chance."

And i think, Full melovolent pray range and try to devotion and debilitate as often as you can to reduce hits. Make sure you're not in rax meows distance so he's only hitting you with range. Me personally I bring 11 brews and then like 7 rock tails and a nihil for more dps. If you do it perfectly meaning avoiding cleave and webs then you'd actually manage 6-15 kills an hour. You'd run out of Adrenaline or overload flask before you actually run out of food. Also rax drops food as well almost every drop so it's even more convenient.

For phase 1-3 I like to stack shards if you can get 5-7 before p3 great I start p3 with zerk and then use shatter which should do somewhere between 20-30k damage that's just some advice for faster kills. The for p4 I start out with zerk i never finish p3 without 100% Adrenaline. When you finished p3 surge the anticipate to Adrenaline stall then zerk to start the kill. This is to dps rax down so you don't have to worry about rax doing any spec so you're doing 50k damage in like 5-10 seconds. Then I try to build to 100% Adrenaline again which is usually when rax is about 30k hp and then I onslaught to finish the kill. You should get the kill before before the acid thing gets to you. Make sure you're at high hp before you onslaught which is why I bring more food since your Adrenaline don't go down drinking brews. Oh and of course do all that while pray flicking.

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