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What do people Thankful for to runescape gold store

As a runescape gold sale website, we always thankful to every customer support our sale, we never expect to be thanked. Anyway, in this year, we received 200+ greetings from global clients, we appreciate their warm greetings, we‘ve offer 10 mil free rs gold to every of them yesterday.

2007runescapegold Thanksgiving day

First of all, let’s thankful that we have so many supporters, we really appreciate your trust to our sites, because of your trust, we could build a bridge from heart to heart, and you all helped on our growth.

Let’s see what do our customer thankful to us?

Thankful that I have my own max stats cape and fire cape”.------by Jeremy

I am thankful I have computer to play runescape, and thankful to mom offering money to buy runescape gold.” ------by JASON

Thankful I am still alive, and I have food, I thankful to be American, and runescape the world best game so far!” ------by smashmen

"I'm thankful in game for the toolbelt. I'm thankful for the ability to communicate with others in a phone such as facebook, Gtalk . I'm thankful that interpretation can be taken in many different ways, especially as a means to help enlighten others to think outside the box ” ------by Vincent

Thankful world peace, and we have google, and thankful I have my girl, and we sleep every night, I can’t imagine what would my life be without her.” ----- By Billy

What do you want to thankful? Write what you want to say to thankful, and then Email to, you may receive a exciting gift.

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