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What Were Your Runescape 3 Double XP Plans?

As we have just come off a Runescape Double XP weekend and here at we have put Runescape Gold in our Hot Sale. We thought we would have a little fun and talk about what a few of the people in the office did during this recent Double XP weekend. One of the cool things about the Double XP weekend… well apart from the double XP of course. Is that once it is over you can watch videos and read stories of what other players did to make the most of it.

What Were Your Runescape 3 Double XP Plans

The general feeling around the office for this Double XP weekend was to try and avoid the competitive skills like Slayer, although one person did spend the whole weekend working on Slayer, had an awesome time and did pretty darn well. But most of us decided that we would use this weekend to get gains in things like agility and fishing. Yes, these are two of the most uninteresting things to work through, but that is the point. Working through these during a Double XP weekend makes them far more tolerable and it means you do not have to work on them as much when you are playing the game at a regular time.

Some people may like to focus on the skills that they use a lot or even find fun and that is awesome. There is nothing better than training a skill you actually like and getting double the rewards for doing so. But for this one, a few of us decided that we would train the things we needed to improve on, but did not actually like doing!

What about you guys? How did your Runescape Double XP weekend go? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out our cheap RS Gold.

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