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What Was Said During The Most Recent OSRS Q&A?

Recently the guys at Jagex held one of their Q&A sessions which is the last before Christmas. We wanted to take this time not to tell you about our awesome deals where you can buy Old School Runescape Gold cheaply. We wanted to share our thoughts on some of the things that were talked about during the Q&A.

OSRS Mobile

There was, of course, more talk about OSRS Mobile and from the sounds of it, it is cooking along nicely. What we took from this is that they really are going above and beyond to make sure that Old School Runescape Mobile brings the full experience to the palm of your hand.

Teleport Animations

Teleport animations were something they went into pretty big detail on as they said that these are being worked on and will be much better in the future. To be honest, we have never had an issue with teleport animations, but with how much time they dedicated to it, we guess many people did.

Last Man Standing

While they did not go into major details about this, they did say that they were thinking about removing the limit of players for Last Man Standing with perhaps even 1 vs 1 being viable. This sounds very interesting and we think removing the 24 player limit would be pretty darn good.

Of course, they took a lot more questions and gave great answers so be sure to check out the full OSRS Q&A on YouTube. Also be sure to come to us if you are looking to buy OSRS 07 Gold in a safe and secure way for a very low price!

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