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What To Look Forward To In OSRS

Runefest has come and gone and it was not just all about Runescape 3. The guys behind Old School Runescape also took to the stage and gave us some great information about what we can expect to see in Old School Runescape over the next 12 months. You can check out the full video over at the Official Runescape Channel. But we wanted to share with you some of the things we thought sounded really cool.

Raids 2 Theater Of Blood

The original Raids was a huge success in OSRS and even now, a few years later they said over 10 thousand people per day play it. But the OSRS team are not stopping there. They are is going to be a new Raid called The Theater Of Blood which is about vampires!

Farming Update

The OSRS team talked about how the skill they are really going to focus on and making better in the next year is Farming. They want to expand the mode and offer more to people who want to specialize in it. Farming is a skill that they want to make even more fun with the amount of things you can grow.

Dragon Slayer 2

Of course, it is the quests and the stories in Runescape that make the lore so appealing and the OSRS team have listened to people asking for more quests. At the Q&A they did give a few new quest details, but the one that got the people there and the people online really hyped was Dragon Slayer 2! This sounds awesome and it is something the whole OSRS community cannot wait to get to play.

There is a ton of great stuff coming to OSRS in the next year and that means there is no better time for you to take advantage of our cheap OSRS Gold!

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