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What Should OSRS Add

As much as I love OSRS there are a few things that I wish they would change. Not just because I found the Best place to buy OSRS Gold in 2007Runescapegold and have been daydreaming about other aspects of OSRS. But because I feel they would help make the game more fun. Now these are just my (some might say bonehead) suggestions, but I would love to hear yours in the comments below.

Monster Riding

Ok so I have started  off with a rather farfetched one I know, but I really think it would be cool if they added some larger monsters to the game and then let you ride them. Maybe not as a permanent thing, but just during battles or when you have to traverse a lot of land…… Was I playing Golden Axe and thought of this? Well that is for you to decide!

Make Trading Items Simpler

Yes for those of us who have played the game to death we not only know where the Best place to buy safe RS Gold in 2007Runescapegold is, but we know how to fairly trade and make sure everyone is happy. But for a new player trading items can seem quite complex and I have had a few friends be put off the game because of this. There should be a super simple system for newer players to the game to help them ease in and ensure they do not get ripped off.

Improved Presentation

Ok put down the pitchforks! I know that the reason many of us were drawn to OSRS was the old school charm, but man a little spit and polish would not hurt. I love the game I really do, but I feel we are at a point now where it could look a little better, but still retain that old school style.

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