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What Runescape Skilling Pet Has Been Obtained The Most?

If you have come here to buy Runescape Gold or to check out our fun blogs. Then you know we love the Runescape Skilling pets. Honestly the sooner there is a whole load of Funko Pop's dedicated to these the better! But have you ever wondered what Skilling Pet is the most common? Now we would not say easiest to get or most popular, but instead, just the ones that have been obtained the most, well that is what we are looking at today.

Please keep in mind that these numbers change all the time so these may be a little different by the time you read this.

What Runescape Skilling Pet Has Been Obtained The Most

3: Woody

Woody is the third most obtained Runescape Skilling Pet. Probably because Wood Cutting is quite an easy skill to master. As of us writing this he has been obtained just under 30,000 times. We like Woody as he reminds us of Mokujin from Tekken.

2: Willow

Taking the number two spot is Willow. Willow is the Skilling Pet for Divination which is one of the most popular skills in Runescape so this is not all that surprising. With just over 30 thousand people obtaining this weird gas, mystical looking thing though it is one of the most common Skilling Pets in the game.

1: Bubbles

As of writing, Bubbles here is the clear winner as he, she whatever the heck you want to class it as has been obtained close to 40,000 times! As he is one of those creepy looking fish that you find deep in the ocean (not that we have ever been) this is one of the, let's just say less than pretty Skilling Pets. Still, as so many people see fishing as a way to make good money in Runescape it is not surprising that he has been "caught" (see what we did there?) so many times.

Thanks for reading and if you want to keep any Skilling Pets that you have happy make sure you check out our low priced offers where you can buy RS Gold for very little money!

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