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What Is The Most Efficient Way To Level Up Farming In OSRS?

Farming may not be the most exciting skill to level up in OSRS and it is one that not a lot of people who come here to to buy old school Runescape gold talk about. But it is one of those skills that sparks a lot of debate in regards to if it is better to level it up cheaply or just throw a lot of money at it and do it in a more expensive way. Well, today that is what we are talking about.

The more expensive way that you can get from level 70 all the way up to level 99 is by doing a regular tree run and a regular fruit tree run each day. Now we are using just one run as an example here, but the fact is, we all play at a different level and speed and many of you will be able to do more than just one, we are using one as a basic example. The cheaper method would be with a fruit tree run and three allotment runs (as they are so quick) these are typical numbers.

Of course, using magic trees is the way to go, but you cannot do this if you are trying to be as cheap as possible. But, you do need a lot of money behind you in order to pull this off. We feel that the expensive way is, of course, more efficient and if you are pressed for time, you simply have to pay to get leveled up faster. But if you are not in a rush and are not desperate to get your farming level boosted up, just go at a slower pace and take it as it comes.

Without a doubt, the more expensive method of getting to level 99 in farming is far more efficient and time sensitive, but if time is not an issue for you, you may not want to spend a lot of GP making it happen.

We would love to hear from you guys about how you level up and if you like to just throw money at it to get certain skills done as quickly as possible or if you like to save money, but take longer to do it?

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