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What Is The Deal With Wilderness Slayer?

While you hear a lot of people talk about slayer tasks in Old School Runescape, one thing that hardly ever gets mentioned is taking on wilderness slayer tasks and that is what we wanted to talk about today. We will admit that wilderness slayer tasks are not something that many of us in the office has taken part in, but we wanted to shed a little more light on it.

Who Gives You Wilderness Slayer Tasks?

This is easy, it is Krystilia and to find her you need to Edgeville’s Jail…. Yes, that is right she is actually in jail! She gives you the option to change your respawn point here, but it is very expensive.

She will assign you monsters that you need to go and hunt down and you will be warned that she does not care what level you are in regards to the monsters she is going to assign you. It is very important to note that each monster she assigns you has to be killed in the wilderness, if you come across one somewhere else and kill it, it will not count towards wilderness slayer.

How Many Slayer Points Do I Get?

The points that you will get for completing the wilderness slayer tasks that Krystilia gives you are,

25 points per task

125 for every 10th

375 for every 50th

625 for every 100th

875 for every 250th

1,250 for every 1,000th

One thing we want to mention is that if you are going to take on the wilderness slayer tasks, you cannot have other slayer tasks running at the same time. 

Are any of you guys wilderness slayer masters? We would love to know any tips that you guys have and be sure to ask any questions you have about our special offers where you can buy osrs gold cheap!

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