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What Is The Best Runescape YouTube Channel?

While we love to post our own hints, tips, and tricks to help you through the crazy world that is Runescape. Like you, we also love to watch Runescape players on YouTube. We have had some people who have come here to buy Runescape Gold that have asked us what Runescape YouTubers we recommend not just for the tips and methods they share, but for entertainment value as well.

That is what we are looking at today as we share with you who we feel are some of the best Runescape YouTubers.

Manatee Gaming

We had to mention Manatee Gaming as we have been enthralled by his Journey To 100 Million series. He started with zero and the aim of this series is him trying to get to 100 million. This is a very fun series that not only showcases his skills at the game, but he shares with you how he is doing this. So it is actually possible that you can play as you watch his videos and you can make 100 million alongside him. This is fun and it also is going to result in you getting 100 million!


What we like about AlkanRS is that his videos are just so entertaining. He is not quite as active as he used to be, but it is still worth going to look at his channel. He has some great videos on here of some of the insane ways that he would make money, do quests and so one. While watching him play with his most current account is always a lot of fun. We really like it when he will log into an older account and have some fun with that. His personality really shines through and you will be very entertained as you watch him play. While you may pick up a few tips here and there, entertainment value is more what you are getting. If you are looking for a high level player to inspire you to do better in Runescape, AlkanRS is the YouTuber for you.

Mote Plox

While he may not be as prolific as he once was. Mote Plox is a YouTuber that we would bet many of you have seen at least one of his Runescape videos. He tends to focus more on Old School Runescape (actually we are having a hard time thinking of any Runescape 3 videos that he has done) but his channel is still a great source of entertainment. What we like about this channel are all the top 10 lists. He has videos like the top 10 Runescape Halloween Events, top 10 Runescape Skill Cape Perks, top 10 Runescape Most Useless Items and fun things like this. They are videos that are great if you want to watch some Runescape content, but you want something more than just a guy doing a let’s play. If entertainment and a trip down memory lane are what you are after, this is the Runescape YouTube channel for you.

These are some of the more popular Runescape YouTubers in the office. We feel these three offer a good mix of helping you get millions of GP and also having a lot of laughs. Let us know what you feel are some of the best Runescape channels and make sure you get in touch if you are looking to buy Runescape Gold as we are the cheapest and best place online to do so!

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