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What Is Runescape Shattered Worlds? All you need to know

Some of you may be wondering just what the heck is Shattered Worlds? Well, we know why you do not know as this was supposed to be released the better part of a year ago! So today we are not just here to talk about our epic deals on Runescape Gold. We are here to give you a little insight as to what Shattered Worlds is all about.

Shattered Worlds is a mini game. This is a solo mini-game and they are recommending that you have at the very least level 40 combat before you try and take it on. You need to be in Lumbridge Swamp where you need to enter the Shattered Worlds all by yourself in order to help the Abyssal Knights. One thing we really like about the idea of Shattered Worlds is the buffs that you can give yourself. 

Vampyric will give you a little health for each enemy you kill. Blood Money, sees enemies actually bleed Anima currency when they are damaged. Feeling Pumped gives you a chance to get 10 seconds of unlimited adrenaline. These are all fun buffs and many folks in the office plan on making use of them all.

What Is Runescape Shattered Worlds

Once you have chosen your buff and equipped food and items that you think you may need it is time to start. Shattered Worlds is a balls to the wall kind of mini game. It is a race against the clock as you need to go from world to world killing at least 75 percent of the enemies you encounter before the passage to the next world will open. Each world you go to will get progressively harder so there is a good difficulty progression here.

We think that Shattered Worlds is going to be a lot of fun and very addictive. Many of us here at 2007RunescapeGold are looking forward to seeing who can get through Shattered Worlds the fastest!

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