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What Is Instore For Runescape This Christmas?

Recently Mod Osborne updated the Runescape website with a blog post of what we have to look forward to this holiday season in the world of Runescape. Of course, we are already deep in our Christmas event, but he does touch on what we can expect.

To be honest not a lot, he states that much of the team is taking a well deserved break and there will only be very minor updates taking place, which is fair enough.

What Is Instore For Runescape This Christmas?

The interest thing though is that he says in the new year, we can expect some big things in the world of Runescape. Of course Runescape Mobile is going to be huge and we have a feeling that is where a lot of Jagex's attention is going to be in the coming months and honestly, we could not be any more excited. There is something happening with Mining and Smithing which sounds interesting.

One of the best things about what we feel could be the last blog post before Christmas is the way he tells us about all the good the Runescape community has done this year. Over 200 thousand pounds has been raised for their chosen mental health charities, MIND, Prince's Trust and YMCA and that is awesome!

In all, it may be a very short update, but anytime we hear that some major work is being done in order to get Runescape Mobile into our hands, it gets us very interested.

So check out their latest blog, let us know what you think and be sure to take advantage of our holiday deals where you can buy Runescape Mobile Gold very cheaply.

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