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What Celebrities Love Runescape?

We know that there are many celebrity gamers out there, but what ones are super into Runescape! Today we thought that we would have a little bit of fun as we look at some of the celebrities that we just recently found out are into Runescape!

Christian Delgrosso

Christian shot to fame with his work on Vine, he was actually ranked as one of the top Vine starts (he did many collaborations with Logan Paul) and he is very popular. It was his brother who outed him as a Runescape player as he stated that Christian has a pretty big Runescape addiction! He then stated that he loves Runescape!

Christian Guzman

Christian Guzman is a super buff dude and he is very well known in the fitness industry. He does great videos on how people can get in shape and he comes across as a really nice guy. He said that he had a pretty big Runescape addiction back in the day and unfortunately he does not really play the game anymore.

Alan Walker

Alan Walker is from Norway and is known as a DJ and music producer. He is a lifelong gamer and much of his music has a gaming vibe to it. He has been playing Runescape for many years and from what he said in an interview, Runescape actually shaped the image he puts out there these days.

These are just a few of the celebrities that we know who love Runescape, but do you know any more? Thanks for reading and be sure to look at our special offers where you can buy Runescape Gold cheap.

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