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What Are The Requirements For Dragon Slayer II?

October is shaping up to be a truly huge month in the world of Runescape and that is why both our RS3 Gold and RS 2007 Gold are currently being sold for a crazy low price! One of the things over on the official site that Jagex have been talking about in their most recent update is Dragon Slayer II. Many of us want to know what the requirements for this are so we can ensure we are ready for when it starts.

What Are The Requirements For Dragon Slayer II

Well, the requirements are in and are as follows.


The quests you will have needed to complete are,

Legends Quest

Dream Mentor

A Tail Of Two Cats

Animal Magnetism

Ghosts Ahoy

Bon Voyage

Client Of Kourend


These are the required skill levels you will need,

Magic 75

Smithing 70

Mining 68

Crafting 62

Agility 60

Thieving 60

Construction 50

Hitpoints 50

While Jagex has given us the requirements for Dragon Slayer II they seem to be still a bit shy on giving out the exact details of what we can expect. If the first one was anything to go by we can expect a challenging, but fun time. What they have said about Dragon Slayer II is that they want to make sure that it is a good, but fair challenge and that there is going to be plenty of puzzles for you to solve and some really awesome bosses that you need to take down.

Let us know if you are ready for Dragon Slayer II or if you need to do some grinding to get your skills up or if you have to finally get round to beating some of those quests!

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