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What Are The Best Auras To Get In Runescape?

Premier Club is right around the corner and of course with that comes loyalty points. We have spoken to a few of you guys who come here to buy rs gold about what are the best Auras to get and we wanted to give you our thoughts on what those are.

What Are The Best Auras To Get In Runescape

Berserk Auras

Berserk Auras can come in really handy as they give you a boost to your level, accuracy, and damage. This boost is 10 percent, but it does have a flip side as you defense level will be 15 percent lower and the damage you take will be 15 percent higher. The boost that you get is going to last for 30 minutes so you can take on a boss for an hour if you use two of them and this can really help you out. The three Berserk Auras are as follows, Berserk is for Melee, Reckless is for Range and Maniacal is for Mage.

Accuracy Auras

We have picked Accuracy Auras as they for a whole hour they will give you a boost to the accuracy of your attacks. Brawler is for Melee, Sharpshooter is for Range and Runic is for Mage. What we like about this is not just how you get an hour out of this (although you can extend it to two) Accuracy Auras are in different tiers with the highest tier offering an impressive 10 percent accuracy boost.

Of course, there are other Auras that you can use your loyalty points on so let us know what ones you guys like best and if you are looking to buy Runescape Gold be sure to let us know and we will make sure you get the best deal possible.

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