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What Are Some Of The Biggest Riots In Runescape?

If you have come here to buy Runescape Gold and are wondering what we are talking about. Runescape has been home to some riots over the last ten years or so. A Runescape riot is basically what it sounds like. A group of players all getting together to wreak havoc in the game and try and get things changed. There has been a handful of them and here are some that we remember.

What Are Some Of The Biggest Riots In Runescape

1. Pest Control Incident

Back in 2007, Jagex decided that they were going to lower the XP players got from doing the Pest Control mini game. This was not well received at all and players rebelled against Jagex to try and get it changed.

2. The Day Runescape Died

Again in 2007, this one lasted the better part of a week in world 66. This riot was all about Jagex putting in things to cut back on real world trading and also in regards to getting rid of the wilderness. This is for many people is the worst update Jagex ever did and some call this "the day Runescape died"

3. The Squeal Of Fortune Riot

This happened in 2012 and was a huge deal at the time. Jagex added an update that allowed players to buy spins with real money. The Squeal Of Fortune was very popular and many people saw this update that allowed people to use real money on the Squeal of Fortune was very hypocritical of Jagex.

Let us know if you were part of any of these riots/movements and if you feel that these were necessary for people to do?

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