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We Zarosians do not desire endless runescape war

My brothers and sisters of Zaros, I have thought long and hard on World Event 2, and I have decided upon our only plausible course of action.

We must side with Bandos.

Not a few of us. Not on a person-by-person basis. All Zarosians. World Event 2 is not Armadyl v. Bandos, not really. It must become Armadyl v. Zaros. We are Zarosians, we have the cleverest god. As such, we must work to be the cleverest followers. Heap aid upon Bandos, because he is not a threat. He has the smallest following.

Armadyl is idealistic and charismatic: that makes him infinitely more dangerous than a brute like Bandos. Armadyl may well be one of the main gods whose popularity rivals Zaros. Bandos can flourish if all Zarosians treat his faction as in Zaros's best interest at the present time. Spread the word, my empty brothers. With the few Bandosians allied with the many Zarosians, and if we don't waste our strength divided on this issue by sending help to Armadyl (effectively fighting ourselves), we will see Armadyl destroyed. We can then turn around and easily crush Bandos, perhaps the most unpopular god there is. I would have sided against Saradomin in World Event 1, but I felt that Zamorak is more belligerent toward our lord, so he had to be taken down a notch.

We Zarosians do not desire endless war. We desire a war decisively won, so that we may see the world united under the power of the Empty Lord. We are clever enough to know how to best play our enemies against each other. Armadyl and Saradomin can easily form a runescape powerleveling block if Armadyl survives this event. United and with the help of Saradomin's ignorant masses in free to play who believe him the stereotypical holy god, they could be a minor threat to Zaros's supremacy. Armadyl is in fact a good person, and that makes him the greatest threat. His plan for peace cannot work, but he can do a lot of damage to our cause before he realizes this.

I am pleased to see that my brothers and sisters possess the presence of mind to forego the obvious "good" and side with the shrewd and intelligent answer. Bandos is not a threat at all. So his defeat is a foregone conclusion in the long run. Why not make sure Zaros faces a weaker enemy? We are not savages. We do not care about a glorious fight. We want to win with the least amount of risk, not because we are weak, but because we are smart. Protect the guaranteed loser Bandos until he can lose to Zaros. Destroy the dangerous bird.

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