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Use bot for free or buy runescape powerleveling with no ban guaranteed

Earlier A industry data analysis from from shows, in past 2016 summer, there are more than 3,000 runescape players to buy runescape powerleveling services of this site, the survey shows these buyers all used runescape bot to train their accounts before they buy runescape powerleveling service, but their runescape accounts got banned by jagex who is the mader of this game eventually. So they had to abandon the runescape bot, instead, they decide to select manual runescape powerleveling service from this legit site, thus, the account does not relate to the script to run, and this guarantees account won’t get banned for bot using.

Why people buy runescape powerleveling services?

There are 28 skills in old school runescape, and each skill max level is 99, which is 13,034,431 xp, if you want to one skill to 99 level, and you may take around 2 months at least with your game time is 2 hours per day. And there are 28 skills, so we can see, this game would cost you years to build skills to max. this is holy hard for most players. So 80% players prefer to buy runescape powerleveling to level up skills fast.

How do we find the legit site to buy runescape powerleveling?

A legit site would guarantee your runescape account won’t get banned, and your account bank value won’t lose. And for special powerleveling, they even no need your bank. In past years, lots of sites offer powerleveling site, but now there is only offer manual way for runescape powerleveling. The team with 15 players train runescape accounts 12 hours per day. And no one get banned in past 12 months. And no one get items lost, we take screenshots before the training started. You just need to change password right after powerleveling finished, so that no one else can log in back to your account in the future. And for fire cape orders, we don’t even need bank pin as long as you get items prepared.

This is the image before we start the fire cape:

The image below is after we finished fire cape:

As you can see, for firecape order, we no need bank, you can set bank pin if you worry about items security, we only require you get items prepared inventory and equipped, then we can do the job well. And normally fire cape cost 2 to 5 hours only.

We want you realize, using bot would get your runescape account ban eventually, jagex takes this seriously, please do not think they won't track you, once they noticed, they would ban account immediately. Buying runescpae powerleveling manual way is the best choice.

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