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UnScape – Hottest New Game Mode for RuneScape

By the looks of things, the developers behind RuneScape have decided that it's about time that they did something a little different with their award-winning MMO and that has come in the form of UnScape. What is UnScape you might be asking yourself – so allow me to indulge you in what this new game mode is all about: progressing backwards!

Game Mode for RuneScape

By the definition of RuneScape, you spend your time improving your character one way or the other. Every single action that you make in the game will improve your character in some way; whether that's in the form of stat upgrades or simply acquiring some extra gold to get yourself that much closer to that brand new sword you've had your eyes set on for the longest time. Well, in UnScape, the developers took that particular way of progressing and completely flipped it onto its head so you can experience a brand new way of playing your favourite browser-based MMO.

You'll start off your journey in UnScape with being at max level, all of your stats maxed out, and you'll even be starting out in an end game location that most players don't even get the chance to see in the original version of RuneScape. From there, you are tasked with going into combat, mining, and whatever else you feel like, and failing on a regular basis to slowly bring down your overall skill level to get back down to level 1.

According to the developers, one of the best ways to accomplish such a feat is to constantly be on the losing side of castle wars and even partake in new and unexperienced quests that will lower your stats accordingly; depending on your current progress. As you get closer and closer to that golden level 1, you will be downgrading back to cheap and early equipment, so that dragon equipment won't be accessible for you too much longer, so you'd best get used to the idea of steel and iron again as you work your way further down the leaderboard.

I failed to mention, with this new mode there is a brand new leaderboard system so you can compete with your friends to see who the best UnScaper out of all of you is. Depending on just how good you are at working your way back down to level 1, you can show it off to your band of friends – either on the leaderboard – or with a brand new cape that you can unlock by being a lower enough level. This brand new cape of yours goes by the name of the “min-cape” and will eventually improve the second you hit the lowest possible level of 1.

When it comes to UnScape, there isn't any new content for you to work through; instead it will simply be you playing through the content you've already beaten and got the chance to enjoy – except it will be running backwards this time around. While there's no new content, at least you will get the chance to enjoy RuneScape in a perspective that we've never once seen before – in reverse.

If, by any chance think this is the most ridiculous idea you've ever heard conceived, you will be more than pleased to know that this was nothing more than an April Fool's Day prank that was devised by RuneScape and its developers. No accounts will be forced to work backwards from here on out to carry on “un-progressing” through the game and when you next login to the game you won't have anything to worry about.

All of this was just a ploy for the developers to have a bit of a laugh on April Fool's Day, and nothing more. So, be sure not to worry too much the next time you hop onto the game, because I can assure you that your progress isn't going anywhere.

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