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Try This AFK Mage Training Method For Oldschool Runescape

Look we know that some of you are set in your ways with Oldschool Runescape and that is cool. But if you are somewhat newer to the game or just want to try something a little different then check out this Mage training method that is pretty easy to do and also pretty damn lucrative as well.


First of all the spell that you will want to be using for this is Firewave this does require 75 magic. You will want to have the Tome Of Fire if you are using Firewave as this is what is going to hook you up with XP. If you do this method without the Tome Of Fire it simply will not work or be beneficial.

AFK Mage Training

What You Need

This is the stuff you will need to make this method happen.

Slayer Helmet

Occult Necklace

Saradomin Cape

Holy Blessing

Smoke Battle Staff

Monks Robes

Tome Of Fire

Tormented Bracelets

Eternal Boots (Wizard Boots, Infinity Boots pretty much any boots will work here)

Ring Of Wealth


This is what you will need to bring with you.

Nature Runes

Blood Runes

Kourend Teleport (where you need to go)

Imbued Heart

Prayer Potions (just bring around 20 or so)

The Method

Make your way to the catacombs and go one room to the east.

Then one room to the south.

Then take the next room that is to the east.

You will then find yourself in an area where there are two Dust Devil rooms. It really does not matter which one you pick. Find an open world and then you are ready to rock and roll!

First thing to do now is turn on auto cast your spell and auto retaliate as well as this make sure you also activate your protect from melee.

Now just go ahead and attack all of the Dust Devils. Attacking them all is the best AFK method as it takes a little time to get through them all. With the Tome Of Fire you will notice that you are dishing out some pretty heavy duty damage here which is great and also why to do this method you must make sure you have it.

You will notice there is quite a lot of drops and some of it is pretty useful. After about an hour you are looking at 88 – 90k xp! In an hour you are looking at spending about 600k and making back around 400 so you can expect to lose around 200 which is not all that bad. But if you get lucky and get some extra good drops and become more efficient at this method then you should be able to bring this down considerably.

While some may not like how much this AFK Mage Training method for Oldschool Runescape costs, we feel that the rewards are well worth the sacrifice, especially if you want to level your Mage up quickly and while you are pottering around doing something else.

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