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Top Five Scariest Places In Old School RuneScape

Halloween is getting really close and as well as having frighteningly low priced OS Runescape Gold we also wanted to have a little fun in the office and as a result, we have pulled together what we feel are the scariest places in Old School Runescape!

Top Five Scariest Places In Old School RuneScape

5.Misthalin Mystery

Ok so we are staying with a weird one, but this place does not actually have a name so that is why we have just used the name of the quest. This is a murder mystery that is set on a creepy as hell island with an old mansion and the fact there is no music makes it very creepy and sinister.

4.Camp Sapphire Lagoon

This is a brand new one in OSRS, but we have had so much fun with it, we had to put it on this list. We love what Jagex has done here as the whole place and event is clearly a nod to the Friday The 13th Movies and we think that is awesome.

3.Tolna's Rift

Tolna's Rift is very well known in the OSRS streaming community as it has plenty of jump scares which is rather unusual in Old School Runescape. The fact the Rift is made because of the emotions of a boy who fell into it makes it even more creepy.

2.Mort' Ton

Mort' Ton is a very creepy town it is like something out of a horror movie and due to a curse the whole village is full of the dead and it is just a nightmare to be!


Zul-Andra by far has the darkest backstory of any place in Old School Runescape. This is a place where a mother sacrificed her son so that she could live! What is more, human sacrifice still happens here to this day, oh and the people of this area worship a sea serpent…. Messed up stuff indeed!

That is our pick for the scariest places in Old School Runescape, but we would love to know what places give you guys the creeps in the comments section down below.

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