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Top 4 RuneScape NPCs

Hey, guys today we are having a lot of fun as we look at who are some of the more interesting and smartest characters in Runescape. We like to keep an eye on RuneScape 3 and make sure that we are offering fellow RuneScape 3 players the best and cheap rs3 gold! We actually got this idea from a YouTube video we saw and we wanted to share who our favorites are too. If you like this kind of things then be sure to check out this blog!

RuneScape NPCs

Harold Death Esquire

Harold here is basically death and he is the guy who will teach new players about death and how it can affect them in Runescape. What we like about him though is his general style and the fact he has a PC in his office! Is this the only character in Runescape to have a proper PC?

Postie Pet

Ok so yes he looks creepy as hell, but he can speak a ton of languages and he is so dedicated to his job that he will drag his satchel around by his mouth! He also makes the claim that he has completed a lot of quests… how he did this we do not know. Plus there is just a bit of mystery around him that makes him cool.

Reldo Trimmly

Despite being only in his 20's, Reldo is one of the wisest people in Runescape. Perhaps this is because of his job as a librarian or maybe it is the awesome clothes and beard combination that he is sporting? All we know is that he is one very smart character who seems to be able to answer a million different characters in Runescape.

Wizard Traiborn

How can you not love Wizard Traiborn? Well, to start with do not call him Frederic as he is kind of sensitive about this and you do not want to hurt the poor guy's feelings now, do you. Plus the fact no one can understand what the hell this guy is talking about makes him quite amusing.

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