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Top 3 Discontinued RuneScape Random Events

One of the weirdest things that Jagex has done over the years is create random events that are most of the time a lot of fun. Most of these have been discontinued and to be fair most people felt these were annoying and nothing more than a bot stopping measure, but we felt when you came across one it was kind of cool. That is why we have asked around the office and found out what ones we liked best.

Top 3 Discontinued RuneScape Random Events


Guardians are still technically in the game, but not like they used to be. Training gather skills would be what would make a Guardian appear and if you defeated them, you had a chance of an item drop. It was kind of cool when you were just going about your business and then BAM one would appear.

The Strange Box

The Mysterious Old Man would hand out a strange box to players, which if you took it would offer you a puzzle which if done correctly would give you a reward. However, if you did not do it and just ignore it, the strange boxes would multiply and take over your inventory! Many players at the time thought this was a bug, but it was really just a troll move by Jagex which we kind of appreciate.

Tangle Vine

Tangle Vine would sprout and the key here was that if you tried to run away, your health would drain away. You needed to stand still and wait for it to pass which took ten seconds. What was interesting about this event that it lasted less than three hours before Jagex took it down due to such an extreme critical response.

Let us know what random events you have fond or frustrated memories within Runescape and be sure to boost your gold by checking out our Runescape Gold special offers.

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