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Top 3 Celebrities Who Play RuneScape

It is not surprising that many celebrities play video games, video games are cool these days and more than a few of them get in on the whole streaming thing. What is interesting though is that there are some celebrities who are huge Runescape fans and who have been playing the game for years. We know that coming here to buy RS Gold is what you do, but we thought we would have a little fun today by looking at some celebrities who love Runescape as much as we do.

Top 3 Celebrities Who Play RuneScape


Ok, some might question if a YouTuber is a celebrity, but in this day and age and with over 4 million subscribers, LeafyIsHere qualifies as a celebrity in our book. What is interesting is that he is more of a closet Runescape player as he has not made videos of himself playing the game, but he speaks the lingo so we know he clearly has played the game so it must be something he does for fun, rather than for views on YouTube.

Lauren Tsai

The name might not sound familiar, but Lauren Tsai is a very accomplished artist and model from Tokyo. Her art is truly phenomenal and she has had a TV show based on her, her own exhibit and in general she as an army of fans. But one thing that is quite interesting is that she appears to have some love for the world of Runescape and that is pretty cool.

Zac Aynsley

Here is a big buff dude who loves to stay fit, but he also is a Runescape fan and that is pretty cool. He states that he played the game a ton as a kid, but even now that he is super busy he manages to play Runescape, we think he is pretty inspirational in the fact he manages to play Runescape, but also stay in shape.

Ok so it might not be people like The Rock, Hugh Jackman or Lady Gaga, but it is still pretty fun to see famous people Tweeting and posting on Facebook about Runescape. Do you know any famous people who love Runescape? As for the Top 5 Runescape Hackers you can check. Let us know in the comments below and be sure to buy Runescape 3 Gold while we have it nice and cheap.

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