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Top 3 Beautiful Places In RuneScape

You know with all the guides, features and gold special offers on Runescape that we tell you about. We sometimes forget what an epic world Jagex have created. We love reading stuff like this about Runescape and if you are a huge fan of Runescape then make sure you have a look here at where you can buy safe runescape gold for low prices. Some of the locations in Runescape are breathtaking and today the folks in the 2007RunescapeGold office have put their heads together and come up with their favorite three! Of course you can check Top 4 NPCs in RuneScape 3!

Top 3 Beautiful Places In RuneScape

The Iceberg

The area we are talking about here is the place located right at the top of the Runescape map, we all just call it The Iceberg and it is gorgeous. It has a very tranquil kind of style and it feels very secluded. But there are some inhabitants here… an army of penguins which despite looking like they are getting ready to take over the world are super cute. This along with the general feeling of seclusion are why we like it.

Elf City

Wow is what you say over and over again the first time you see Elf City. It really is beautiful and it is made with crystal and one of the oldest areas in the game. It looks fantastic and has a design and style that makes it stand out from all the rest. It looks like a city that would be in some kind of fantasy movie. The whole style of this place is just incredible and it is a firm favorite in the office.


Zanaris is one of the most incredible locations in Runescape and is an area that really does shock many players the first time they enter the city. It has a very dream like state and it is nothing like any of the other areas in Runescape. It has a very storybook/Alice In Wonderland kind of style to it and all the pixies that are around just added to its whimsical vibe.

These are our three picks for the most gorgeous places in Runescape, but we would love to know what yours are in the comments below.

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