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Top 3 Annoying Things RuneScape Players Do

While offering Runescape players the best place to buy RS Gold and OSRS Gold is what we are all about. Yesterday we talked about RuneScape Random Events. We love to have some fun about the game as well and that is why today we are looking at some of the annoying things Runescape players do.

Top 3 Annoying Things RuneScape Players Do

Players Who Abuse "Reported"

This is one many of you will have dealt with over the years! When you are just minding your own business and another player will take offense (for no reason at all) to something you did or said and will hit you with the "reported". Far too many players do this and while reporting someone who is abusing you or just being a jerk is fair enough. Too many players act like babies and will threaten to report people over the dumbest things.

Ridiculous Scams!

Ugh, why do people even bother! Thankfully most of the time, scammers get reported pretty quickly. But it is very annoying when you are bugged by another player with some "amazing" deal that is quite clearly too good to be true and will only result in you getting scammed pretty badly. As long as people are vigilant, no one should get scammed by these jokers, but having to deal with them is still very annoying.

People Who Think They Are Better Than Everyone Else

We have all been here! No matter if you are playing Runescape 3 or Old School Runescape, we all started out as a noob. There is nothing worse in those early days of the game when some pretentious "veteran" of Runescape talks down to you, asking why you are even playing the game and repeatedly telling you how bad you are, all the while calling you a noob. It is annoying, not helpful and it can turn people off from the game. If you are an experienced player, help a new guy out! It is the right thing to do!

We would love to know what are some of the annoying things people do in Runescape that drive you guys nuts.

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