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Top 2 Money Making Methods for Magic Training In OSRS

Training magic all the while making money is actually something you can do in Old School Runescape and today that is what we are looking at. Some of us in the office are all about magic in OSRS so we can tell you first hand that these methods work!

Top 2 Money Making Methods for Magic Training In OSRS

Charging Orbs

This is a pretty common way, but it is a real classic and very simple to use. We recommend that you use Air Orbs as they tend to be the most profitable. You will need level 66 to charge Air Orbs and they are the easiest to run. You can get around 35- 40 Magic XP along with 300-500 K per hour so you will be making a nice amount of money and it is very easy. You will need to make sure you have some decent equipment for the run, but there is mothering (well apart from an annoying spider that can poison you) which is going to cause you too many problems.

Killing Lava Dragons

Killing Lava Dragons is good, but only if you are a lower combat level as you cannot be killed. The money per hour here is pretty decent and as far as the XP per hour goes it depends on what you are using. Just take stuff that you do not mind losing and if you use some cheap sells, you can make a nice amount of profit. Just make sure you keep an eye on PK players who will try and kill you, but if you are low level they will not be able to do. When you are higher levels, you can still do this and make a very nice amount of money, but you open yourself up to being killed by other players so there is a real risk and reward thing going on here.

These are just a couple of ways that you can make some money all the while getting Magic XP. Thanks for reading and be sure to buy Old School RS Gold while we have it so very, very cheap.

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